Shuniya Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

Pamela’s unique practice taps the power of Tibetan bowls and planetary gongs to infuse your whole being with healing energy. As featured on the Dr. Oz show, the Shuniya Sound Healing experience transforms your state of self-awareness emotionally, physically and spiritually. Pamela Lancaster’s Shuniya healing ceremony builds upon the ancient foundation of sound healing created by the Master Tibetan and Nepalese Practitioners who initiated her into the art of sound healing. Complemented with traditional Thai massage elements, Chi Nei Tsan, Shiatsu and Kundalini Yoga, the Shuniya integrated healing ceremony is highly therapeutic. Body energy balances, bringing your spirit into a deeply healing state.

  • Reduce stress through release of unnecessary, harmful thoughts and distractions.
  • Gain insight and clarity, strengthen mental proficiency
  • Recover from trauma or loss
  • Rest more deeply
  • Reduce pain & regain joy in daily living
  • Regain emotional balance

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