Flower Essences

Flower essences are homeopathic tinctures that align us to the healing power of nature. Flower essences address mental and emotional imbalances or misalignments with no side effects. These simple yet powerful essences work well in complement to naturopathic or other physical healing treatments, fostering personal vitality and inner balance.

Pamela consults with you to determine the appropriate flower essence remedies for your particular emotional and physical state. Your personalized flower essence can be created with Pamela in-person, or through web or phone consultations.

  • In-person consults include a guided ceremony of the compounding session, where Pamela leads you through a hands-on creation of your personal flower essence compound to take home with you.
  • Web consultations are conducted via Skype. After your 1:1 web consult, Pamela formulates your personal flower essences to send to you, along with instructions on how to compound it.

Contact us to inquire about a Flower Essence Healing